Arran Quarter Cask

The name of this dram comes from the size of barrel it was matured in. The quarter cask is, as the name suggests, a quarter of the size of a standard barrel and so has greater wood-to-liquid ratio which accelerates the maturation process and gives a more robust and sturdy finish The nose is fabulously … Continue reading Arran Quarter Cask

Glenfiddich XX

This dram looks absolutely stunning and has fabulous legs which indicate great character. The rich mahogany colour also promises much. The nose is very woody at first which gives way to sharp orange notes like a freshly peeled satsuma. There’s also toffee with a kick like a dark tray toffee you’d hit with a wee … Continue reading Glenfiddich XX

Arran 18 year old

The nose is caramel, caramel and caramel and once you get past that, there’s apple, pear and plum with an oaky overtone The palette has loads of dark chocolate and orange, a bit like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange but more bitter, with fruity nuances of tinned peaches and dates The finish is glorious too. It’s … Continue reading Arran 18 year old


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