GlenAllachie 2006 Single Cask

I was lucky enough to receive this as a birthday present which was fortuitous as I’d recently seen it advertised and had taken a mental note to acquire a bottle. The deep golden sunset colour made me want to dive in immediately, but one should temper one’s enthusiasm and enjoy the journey! it’s been matured in a Tawny Port cask so I was expecting a Sherry bomb and it delivered in spades

The nose is loaded with dark chocolate and coffee with notes of ripe plums and a nip of spice with the sweetness of runny honey. The nosing experience was fantastic as every visit to the glass produced something new

This is a cask strength dram and a powerful one too at 60.7% ABV but despite that, it doesn’t blow your head off but gives that great tingle in your nose. The first taste delivers lots of blackberries and honey giving way to moist fruit cake and dark chocolate. Adding water opens the dram out so you can taste ginger and cinnamon with suggestions of citrus fruits

The finish is long and very satisfying with waves and waves of Sherry that coat your throat and are accompanied by a peppery bite. Later on there’s coffee and the aftertaste of a really good cigar

I was tempted to keep this unopened but a good friend once told me that good whisky is for drinking and not just looking at and this is a VERY good whisky. Slàinte mhath 🥃

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