Lindores MCDXCIV (1494)

A light golden dram with a fantastic back story. Matured in ex bourbon casks and finished in Sherry wine casks to 46% abv

The nose is light and fruity with pears, green apples and overtones of vanilla. There’s also a hint of spice and freshly cut grass and then the sweetness of foam bananas

The palate is massive with caramel and vanilla but this rapidly gives way to spice like nutmeg with the glow of cloves. It’s powerful too thanks to the 43% abv but not overwhelming

The finish isn’t particularly long but it is memorable. There’s woody tones with a fruity edge and a lingering creamy feel

This dram is young but doesn’t feel that way. It’s reminiscent of a much more mature whisky with a lot of complexity whilst being light and creamy. A contradiction? Yes, but check it out for yourself and I think you’ll be impressed too

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