Bunnahabhain 12 year old

Chilly nights call for a warming dram and this gorgeous golden fella looks like it’ll fit the bill!

The nose on this dram suggests that it’ll be sweet, much like you’d get on a sherried whisky, but it also has a salty side that reminds me of a walk along the prom on a stormy day. After a while there’s also a very light hint of smoke

The first taste brings a nutty caramel flavour that reminds me of an old bar from Rowntree’s called Nutty. I also taste digestive biscuits and there’s a definite hint of seaweed and sea salt. It packs a punch as well as it’s 46.3% ABV

The finish when neat gives a great burn like an “old school nippy” and lasts ages. There’s also that salty residue. When I add water it becomes very mellow with the malt and Sherry to the fore

I’ve gravitated to this expression after discovering the awesome Stiúireadair and it’s as lovely but with subtly different characteristics.

Not a typical Islay as it’s peat free but a fabulous dram. Slàinte mhath 🥃

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