Talisker 10 year old

The warm and welcoming colour of mahogany and fantastic legs makes this dram really inviting

The nose is really fresh with a wee nip and lots of smoke. When the smoke clears it’s quite fresh and fruity with overtones of green apple. There’s also the faint hint of Toffos

The palette is smokey with toffee which clears to spice and a salty residue. Not like Old Pultney but gentler and more subtle with a wee peppery kick

The finish is long and smokey like being at a barbecue or after eating burnt toast

I’ve been recommended this dram for some time and I can see why most people like it.

There’s a peaty smell which should endear this to Islay fans, but it’s very accessible so shouldn’t preclude anyone from trying and enjoying it

Slainte mhath 🥃

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