Glenfiddich 21 year old Reserva Rum Cask Finish

A rich and golden looking dram which promises to be something special. The legs are long and promising and make me want to dive in!

The nose offers toffee, honey, brown sugar, Terry’s chocolate orange and sweetie bananas. It’s been finished in Reserva barrels that previously held rum so those notes are unsurprising but very warm, sweet and welcoming

The initial taste has a real kick and is spicy. Neat I get vanilla and toffee but when I add water the palate manifests many more notes including spicy ginger, dark chocolate and overtones of Christmas cake

The finish is a joy. It lingers long and has a taste of orange marmalade and a hint of lime

This is a special dram which is definitely worth the investment and makes you realise that every day is special in some way!

Slainte mhath 🥃

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