Arran Quarter Cask

Lovely golden coloured dram that makes you want to dive in!

The name of this dram comes from the size of barrel it was matured in. The quarter cask is, as the name suggests, a quarter of the size of a standard barrel and so has greater wood-to-liquid ratio which accelerates the maturation process and gives a more robust and sturdy finish

The nose is fabulously sweet, not unlike JD or similar bourbons, lots of vanilla and honey with citrusy overtones and a wee hint of maraschino cherries. The more I drank it, the more aromas I got, and latterly I got the scent of leather from a hot car. It reminded me of my brother Jack’s Austin Healey from the 60’s. Drinking whisky is great for evoking fantastic memories ❤️

On the palate this dram is a delight with a lovely sweetness of almonds, coconut and pineapple. There’s also more oaky leather overtones and a wee hint of cloves. It’s powerful too as it’s a healthy 56.2% ABV so easy tiger!

The finish is long and warming with more cherries and the bite of cinnamon and woody spices

There’s no age statement on the bottle but I’d guess it’s around the 10 year old mark. It’s a lovely dram but careful with the measure as it really packs a punch.

Slàinte mhath 🥃

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