Glen Allachie 12 year old

Golden mahogany colour with delicate legs

I was really keen to taste this after hearing a glowing review from a close whisky loving pal and it intrigued me. The nose was overwhelming honey but when you get above that it reminded me of butterscotch Angel Delight and dark coffee

The neat palate has an edge with an intense hit of treacle which mellows to Lyons syrup and then the overwhelming sweetness of honey. When you add water the whole palette mellows as you’d expect and you then appreciate notes of butterscotch toffee and a suggestion of a light marzipan. The more you sample the deeper you get with the flavour range.

The finish isn’t particularly long or memorable but sufficient to know you’ve sampled a good dram.It does however make you inquisitive about what this distillery can offer

In summary this is a pleasant enough dram, especially for a 12 year old, and makes me really want to experience their 15 year old as I’ve heard lots of good things about it

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