Highland Park 12 year old Viking Honour

A lovely golden dram with great legs

This is another expression of the 12 year old Orcadian malt which I’ve grown to love. I’ve previously tasted Dragon Legend and Viking Pride and the notes are on this blog. Viking Honour is different from both and worth investigating

The nose has loads of honey with overtones of sweet fruit and fresh cut grass. It also reminds me of sweet Christmas cake

The palate initially offers honey and dark toffee but not as dark as treacle toffee. I also detect a hint of smoke but not as pronounced as in the other expressions

There’s a nice long nippy finish that suggests light peat with a bit of a spice

Highland Park is a recent discovery of mine but one which has become a firm favourite. It’s not a particularly spectacular dram but easy to drink at any time

Sláinte 🥃

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