Arran 18 year old

To coin a phrase from Burns’ Address To A Haggis, “what a glorious sight“! It’s due to being non chill filtered and being matured in a sherry cask and it promises much

The nose is caramel, caramel and caramel and once you get past that, there’s apple, pear and plum with an oaky overtone

The palate has loads of dark chocolate and orange, a bit like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange but more bitter, with fruity nuances of tinned peaches and dates

The finish is glorious too. It’s very long and smooth with a sweetness of caramel ice cream and hints of cinnamon

This dram was a gift (thanks Freddie!) but I’d happily pay the going rate for this as it’s a special dram

Sláinte 🥃🥃

2 thoughts on “Arran 18 year old

  1. A great read Scott. I’m not new to whisky, but I’m trying to become more of a connoisseur than just a drinker. This will sound so stupid to you, but how do you train your nose/palette to pick up the flavours and smells? Is it just something that comes over time? Apologies if this sounds really daft. Happy new year, and happy tasting. Look forward to your reviews as I take alot of knowledge from them and more often than not, use your recommendations to buy or avoid.


    1. Great to hear from you and delighted that my notes are helpful. I’ve learned over the years to question everything so, no, this isn’t a stupid question. If you read my notes for Ardbeg Drum you’ll find the answer! It’s just a matter of time and perseverance. A year ago I’d have given up nosing Islay malts as alI I got was peat and smoke but I’ve persevered and clearly matured as
      I now get beyond that and find other aromas and nuances. When did it happen? I honestly don’t know but I stuck at it. A contributory factor was an Aroma Kit that my daughter bought for my birthday which has enabled me to refine and identify what I’m smelling.
      Sláinte 🥃🥃


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