House of McCallum McPeat

This is a very pale dram which is natural as it’s unfiltered and matured in American oak bourbon barrels

This was a gift this week from one of my very closest friends. It was entirely unnecessary but, as a whisky, much welcomed gift. I was taken aback by the name as he knows my tastes but was keen to challenge them, and I’m delighted he did.

The nose is hugely peaty but once you get beyond that there are massive overtones of rubber inner tube. That stays for a long time and it’s easy to accept that’s all there is, but do persevere as there is a heathery finish

The palate is very smoky which gives way, eventually, to toffee and salty sea air. I also detected marzipan and dried fruits

The finish is very long and very pleasant. There’s heather and honey and some light citrus with salty air

This dram wouldn’t be one that I’d have chosen but I’m delighted that Calum chose it for me as it challenged my perception of peaty malts. Despite its name it isn’t a typical Islay malt but could be a pathway to you trying some. I’m keen to hear your opinion. Sláinte! 🥃

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