Glenfiddich Solera 15

This dram has a fantastic colour, deep golden with autumnal overtones. It’s been matured in bourbon and sherry casks before “harmonising” in a large Solera vat which gives it a warmth and depth

The nose is fabulous, it’s one of those drams that you close your eyes when nosing and could climb in to! The immediate smell is sherry, as you’d expect, toffee and light citrus like a blood orange

The palate is sweet like a malty loaf with spice and more sherry. It gives your tongue a tingle and nips the back of the throat when neat. When you add water it becomes velvety smooth and reminds me of foam sweetie bananas

The finish is medium with a pleasant glow as it slips down. The after taste is like a slab of Christmas pudding with loads of raisins.

I like this dram a lot and it’s ideal for a winter evening in front of the fire

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