Highland Park Dragon Legend

The colour of this dram suggests it’s been matured in sherry oak casks and indeed that’s the case
The nose is sweet with vanilla and overtones of custard with the suggestion of mead
On the palate is an oily, peppery smoke but not peat. This is followed by a taste of oaty malt and dried fruit like you’d find in a fruit cake
The finish doesn’t last long but is quite citrussy with burnt barley
This dram isn’t what I expected as there’s very little hint of peat which was a pleasant surprise. It’s very drinkable and could become a favourite

2 thoughts on “Highland Park Dragon Legend

  1. Hi Scott. It’s Paul from Canada. I have seen this at the liquor store and I have always been curious about the taste. I think i will have to get a bottle next time I see it. Thank you.


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